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Code of Conduct

  • There is no formal attendance policy. "Life happens," and it is understood that you may be unable to attend every event on the schedule. Also, only you can determine how much you will engage in the recorded guided meditations designed for you to use each week. Balance, self-care, and flexibility are important.

  • Program participants commit to maintaining confidentiality regarding group discussion.

  • Participants will communicate in a ways that are constructive and supportive. Arguing, interrupting, or other destructive communication styles are not permitted.

  • Smoking, vaping, drinking alcohol, or being under the influence of substances during Zoom sessions is not permitted. Seeing this on Zoom could be triggering for participants who may be coping with addiction or maintaining sobriety.

  • Eating during the discussion period of the Zoom session is fine since it's around dinner time.

  • During our in-person sessions and full-day retreats, you agree to follow all applicable laws and rules of the locations where we meet.

  • The program leader reserves the right to remove any participant from the program who exhibits unstable, aggressive, other problematic behaviors, or is disrespectful to any participant or the program leader at any point in the program.

  • The program leader may use his sole subjective judgement in deciding to remove a participant.

No refund will be given if you are removed from the program for behavior deemed inappropriate.

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