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About the Online Program

The online guided meditation program for Path of the Golden Teacher will be released on August 1, at the same time as the companion book.


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It includes nearly fifty guided meditations lasting forty-five minutes (with a few exceptions of much longer sessions). Each meditation is preceded by an introduction to give additional and supportive information about the practice.

The recordings are of Sean McNamara practicing the meditation as he guides it for you. It is recommended to wear a blindfold during most of the meditations because of this program's unique intention.


Still, it is hoped that seeing Sean on video meditating with you will provide a feeling of support and community. Meditation is not necessarily easy, and receiving encouragement even in video format is valuable.

Meditation instructions are given in plain language, in a practical manner so that they are easy to follow. There is no flowery, obscure, religious terminology involved.


Every experience described is within reach as long as the meditator pays attention and makes an effort to train regularly.


The meditations can be grouped into several categories:

  • Foundations of Mindfulness

  • Cognitive Restructuring

  • Healing

  • Transpersonal Exploration

  • Nature of Mind and Self/Non-Self

  • Visionary Practices Using the Sun, Candlelight, and Open Sky

  • Union Practice/Sexual Yoga

Whether or not you intend to ever go on a psychedelic journey, these meditations have the potential to transform your perspective of reality and experience of being alive.

Some of the practices can be practiced regularly, while some are intended to be used only once or twice. The book offers guidance on different ways to approach the practices and various timeframes in which to complete them.


Path of the Golden Teacher is ultimately a self-guided path, and how you progress and explore is up to you.

The program can last anywhere from two months to nearly two years. Its techniques may then be used for the rest of your life according to your interest and desire.


Those who can meditate at least five days per week will have the best experience of the program.

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